One Good Movie - Summer

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Hi friend,

A summer hangout movie.

Burt Reynolds is the world’s greatest stuntman, Sonny Hooper. Sally Field is his best gal. Jan-Michael Vincent is the young up-and-comer. Adam West is Adam West.

It’s a movie about movie-making. Most jobs on set are more blue-collar than glamour. Stuntmen are a rough-and-tumble lot and usually the most fun.

Director Hal Needham was a superb stuntman and served as Reynolds’ double before moving behind the camera.

The film’s plot? Inessential.

Robert Klein plays a not-subtle dig on real director Peter Bogdanovich. He’s making a spy thriller, and Hooper is the stunt coordinator.

Hooper is aging out of the game. One more fall might paralyze him.

The film is a collection of gags with a side order of seventies cheese.

99 minutes.



Indy V is worth seeing in a theater. Is it a great movie? Maybe not. Was it enjoyable? Yes. Winning performances from Ford, Waller-Bridge, and my man Mikkelsen.

Director James Mangold overdoes the scale and relies too much on computer effects. Pinch-hitting for Spielberg is no small task.

Slightly better than number four.


Jan-Michael Vincent is one of the great lost stars. He holds his own to no less than Burt Reynolds. Alcohol and drugs became barriers to career longevity.

One Sheet

The original poster aka one sheet for Hooper is a favorite. At my university, it hung in the halls of the post-production building.

I’m going to add it to my collection when I have a proper office.