One Good Movie - Redemption of the Nerds

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Hi friend,

School’s out!

Not in Spain. Those kids get to sweat it out for another month in air condition free classrooms.

But in the States? Well, in some states, SCHOOL’S OUT FOR THE SUMMER.

I went to high school once. I would not care to revisit.

But high school movies? Yes.

An R-rated, high-school buddy comedy? Hell yes.

Kaitlyn Dever and Beanie Feldstein are best friends and senior-class nerds.

They don’t mind being unpopular, because they earned spots at top universities.

On the last day of school, they discover that their less school-obsessed classmates are also attending prestigious institutions like Harvard and Yale.

Feldstein’s Molly is furious. Feeling that she’s missed out, she convinces Dever’s Amy to go to an epic graduation party.

The unpopular will party in…

The directorial debut of Olivia Wilde is funny and fast-moving.

Dever and Feldstein have crackle-pop chemistry.

I love them together. I’d watch a series of buddy comedy films with these two.

A road comedy. A college comedy. A workplace comedy. A romantic comedy. A horror comedy.

Reboot Lethal Weapon.

Have it star Dever and Feldstein.





I would watch that.



I broke down and bought a Five Guys burger in Barcelona this week.

$25(!) for a bacon-cheeseburger, spicy fries, and a milkshake.

The shake was good. The burger and fries were blah.

Some New Zealanders have a burger place up the street from me. I will give it a try.

The secret to a good burger sauce that I have to import here?


Neural Net

Will we all become The Lawnmower Man after Monday?

High School Parties

I can’t think of one good party I went to in high school unless you’re a fan of skunk weed and peppermint schnapps.

But my best friend was also a nerd. He used to DJ dances and only play music from the seventies.

Last known photo.