One Good Movie - October Country

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Hi friend,

It’s October.

Time for horror films.

It’s my favorite genre of cinema. Good horror movies are a treat and bad horror movies still provide pleasure.

The barrier for entry for a filmmaker is lowest for the horror genre. You don’t need big stars or fancy computer effects. A good tale, with some style and adequate actors, goes a long way for horror audiences.

Horror audiences are loyal. They show up to the theater. They buy the merch. They are the faithful.

An OG “don’t go in that house” movie from the director of Frankenstein.

Black and white photography, high ceilings, and a woman in a white dress. Director James Whale balances creepiness with class comedy.

Young Melvyn Douglas (Being There) is on the make.

Boris Karloff is the violent mute butler.

It’s a dark and stormy night.

72 minutes.



Appropriately, I’m attending the Sitges Film Festival this weekend. It’s Europe’s premiere festival for horror and fantasy films.

I watched 80 minutes of American shrillness and pretension this morning so you don’t have to.

Hopefully, other titles will prove more promising.