One Good Movie - Fast One

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Hi friend,

Since the world is getting another Fast & Furious movie, I thought we should go in the other direction.

I'm talking car action distilled to its essence.

Genre coolness without any fat.

The character names? The Detective. The Connection. The Player.

The movie?

It’s our second film by Walter Hill and our second starring Isabelle Adjani—an actress born for the cinema.

It bombed in the US but found an audience in Europe. Lean. Mean. Efficient filmmaking.

You won't see anything as thrilling and well-executed in Fast X as the parking garage sequence in The Driver. Ryan O’Neal is the getaway driver. He doesn’t use guns.

He is the best at what he does. Human connection? Not the best.

A metaphor for life.

The only way to improve the film?

Charlize Theron as Driver 2.



I mentioned supper clubs the other week. The Harvey House in Madison, Wisconsin, looks like the Aston Martin of supper clubs. It's as if they ripped open my skull to look into my brain to design the menu.

Heating Up

The sun is out in Catalonia and the Midwest. Time for some ice-cold drinks.