One Good Movie - Counterprogramming

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Hi friend,

Writing to you a few days late, but you know why.

I was sitting next to you in the IMAX theater watching Mission Impossible 7 aka The Dumb One About AI and Cruise as Christ, But the Rome Car Chase Was Worth the Ticket.

It’s July. It’s the States. It’s an onslaught of hundred-million-dollar marketing campaigns for even bigger movies.

A perfect time for a counter programmer.

Time for Czech New Wave.

Directed by Vera Chytilova the film is an experimental farce about two girls named Marie.

I become bored with feature-length experimental films. They can be dry, tedious, and pretentious.

Not Daisies.

It smashes cinematic convention with nihilistic punk energy. It’s anti-authoritarian. Anti-patriarchy. Anti-bulls**t.

Awarded Best Czechoslovak Film in 1966, it was naturally banned from theaters.

Luckily, in our enlightened times, the film is available on Max and the Internet Archive.

Considered one of the best films directed by a woman, and one of the greatest films period.


It’s funny.

76 minutes.